Welcome to Alabama Kayak Anglers

Welcome to the new home for Alabama Kayak Anglers. This organization and website has been an idea and working progress since 2010 and is now becoming a reality. The idea was formed and really brought to life to promote and share the world of kayak fishing. While promoting the sport, we wanted to take it a little further and incorporate the competition of the sport. With fishing, there is always competition, whether its against other anglers, against nature, or simply against oneself and defeating personal best, competition is always involved with fishing. We hope to cross-promote all of the kayak fishing organizations across the state of Alabama to really promote the sport of kayak fishing no matter what part of the state you live or the species of fish you target. So the 2014 goal for AKA is to promote and educate kayak fishing as well as incorporate a tournament, challenge, or competition standard to declare and award the Alabama Kayak Anglers of the Year.

Alabama Kayak Anglers (AKA) association is a not-for-profit organization based on promoting and educating the sport of kayak fishing throughout the state of Alabama and surrounding areas. AKA supports and hosts local educational workshops, tournaments and recreational and competitive outings.